At Priory pupils are initially placed into one of 4 Houses – Calder, Douglas, Hodder and Ribble. They are then allocated to one of 8 Tutor Group's within the House e.g. Calder 1 or Calder 2 or Douglas 1 , Douglas 2 etc.

All members of the same family i.e. brothers and sisters are placed in the same Tutor Group in the same House and they stay in that form for the whole of their time at Priory.

Please see the following link for a more detailed explanation of the system with some of its key benefits for your child.

Pastoral Care/House System

"Care and guidance systems are very effective in meeting the needs of all students, particularly those who are vulnerable and those from other cultures. Excellent computer information systems keep staff and students and their parents and carers very well informed about academic and personal progress." OFSTED 2010

"Care and guidance systems are extremely effective in ensuring students ... are able to thrive in school." OFSTED 2010