Parisian themed Summer School 2021 was described as 'fantastique' by the 112 children that attended during the final week of the holidays, 23rd - 27th August. Each day had a theme related to a trip to Paris. Let us take you on that journey...

Day 1 - At the Airport

Children were greeted by staff that will be key to their development at Priory - their Head of Year Mrs Farley, the SENDCO Mrs Holland, the Deputy Headteacher Mrs Cowell, in charge of Teaching and Learning, as well as teaching staff from all the departments and subjects areas, and within these, some that were trained as mental health first aiders. 

The main focus of the day was 'Growing Community' and ensuring everyone felt physically, socially and emotionally ready for high school and we likened that to the preparations you might make for a trip away. Pupils were enabled to get to know each other, share their excitement and worries about transition to high school and have some of their questions answered. There were lots of 'getting to know you' activities and we concluded with a numeracy task to get their team through the airport.

Day 2 - Explore the City

Everyone logged onto the ICT systems and made themselves a boarding pass for their trip. Their 'arrival' in Paris was signalled by the distribution of hot chocolate and croissants for everyone at breaktime, a very welcome surprise!

Once in Paris, the children went on a treasure hunt around the school site, using French clues to get from point to point and in so doing, familiarising themselves with their surroundings.

After lunch, we pretended that the Mona Lisa had been stolen from the Louvre Art gallery and children made their own replacement self portrait - great fun! 

Day 3 - Euro Disney

Working their way through a carousel of three zones, today children had the opportunity to take part in Music or Art workshops in the Creativity Zone, navigate an inflatable assault course in the Physical Zone and break free from an inflatable escape room in the Puzzle Zone.

There was something to suit everyone and it was agreed that the inflatable assault course was the highlight of the day with its water jets and tunnels full of foam!

At appropriate moments throughout the day, children discreetly had their reading abilities tested in a 15 minute 1:1 with a teaching assistant. The information from this has been invaluable to our future planning. 

Day 4 - At the beach

Pupils took part in three workshops throughout the day. 

The first focussed on beach themed Science experiments. From understanding how suncream stops UV light getting through, to experiments about buoyancy, everyone had the chance to think like a scientist.

In the second workshop, everyone learnt about the Eatwell Guide and, using its principles, made their own picnic lunch. Cucumber sticks were so popular as one of the 'five a day', that we had to send a member of staff out to the shops for emergency top ups!

In the final workshop, pupils were introduced to historical information about D-Day landings and used communication, navigation and co-ordinate mapping to get themselves across an imaginary beach safely. 

Just for fun, there was sandcastle making equipment to play with at break and lunch.

Day 5 - Get home and celebrate

In a physical challenge, children had to get themselves and their teams back across the English Channel. Communication was the order of the day, as acting in your own interests and forgetting about your team, could get you sent straight back to the start!

To round off the activities, children engaged in a creative writing workshop with one of the English staff to tell us what they'd really enjoyed the most. 

We concluded the week with a celebration event for the children and parents. All participants received a certificate and we showed a video of the week's highlights to parents. 

Feedback and Funding Breakdown

Feedback on the event was 100% positive from pupils and parents. Many of our feeder primary schools got in touch to tell us about the glowing feedback that their ex pupils had been keen to share. 

We spent: 











We currently await our funding reimbursement.