As part of our continued drive to be at the forefront of learning, we promote the use and value of technology to enhance learning in the classroom by:

  • Providing cutting edge learning experiences;
  • Enabling all learners to take their learning further through ‘real’ independent learning opportunities; we will:
  • Challenge teachers to provide even more exciting and engaging lessons
  • Give every pupil the chance to use the technology to access whatever they would like to learn, wherever and whenever they need to
  • Extend and enrich conversations about learning to all members of the family;
  • Champion pupil ‘geniuses’ to support pupils, staff and parents in the use of this technology.

All staff support the learning of pupils through the use of tablets.  There is a strong commitment to staff development here at Priory which provides, as part of an ongoing process, regular opportunities to share teaching strategies and software content.

Mobile technology is already having a massive impact on society as a whole and that impact is being mirrored in schools.  At Priory, we take great pride in not only delivering a first class education, but also in preparing our young people to succeed in society.  We believe that this technology will provide our young people with a distinct advantage in that aspect.

Tablets at Priory