As you will be fully aware, with Year 11 preparing for their final exams, the next few weeks will be some of the most significant in your son/daughter's education here at Priory.

Although much work has already been done, modules have already been sat and completed and even offers of places at college have been given, any success will now be solely dependent on how well your son/daughter performs in their final exams.

At this stage, offers are just offers, predicted grades are just that and nothing is guaranteed.

Only ensuring good performance in the final exams will any of the above become a reality.

The links from this page will help you to become fully involved in your son/daughter's preparation towards these final exams.


General Revision:

Subject Specific:

Use any app that helps but don’t forget to use MathsWatch and GCSEPod. There are many free ‘virtual flashcard’ apps on the market. Quizlet is easy to use to make quizzes to test yourself and friends with.