Priory has an outstanding FA registered 3G flooflit pitch. The pitch can be booked in thirds or a full pitch for 11 a side matches. The pitch is suitable for juniors and adults alike and has the correct goals and pitch markings for 7 a side and 11 a side league matches.

The 3G is open 7 days per week and has extended booking times during the school holidays (please email to discuss extended holiday hours).

There are currently two adult leagues that run on a Monday and Thursday evening from 7.00pm to 10.00pm. If you are interested in joining the league email

  • FA registered 3G football pitches
  • Thirds and full pitch available
  • 11 a side goals (2)
  • 7 a side goals (each third)



Weekday £/Hour

Weekend £/Hour

3G 1/3



Full 3G Match Hire


Opening Hours

Weekday (term time)

17.30 to 22.00

Weekday (school holidays)

08.30 to 22.00


08.30 to 18.00

1 x 11 a side full size pitch

3 x 1/3 pitches

Notice 23 September 2021 - 3G League Update

We have now completed our first full season of running the league which has given us chance to look at the league and how things run.  Hopefully you are all happy with the changes we have made but we always welcome any feedback.

Moving forwards there are a couple of new rules that you all need to be aware of:


Each league winner (Premier, Championship and League 1 starting this season) will receive a £40 voucher for a local Penwortham business. This season will be a £40 voucher for the Lime Bar. We will hopefully distribute these on Thursday, 30 September for Season 2 winners.


We have been informed the amount of teams not showing up for matches and not informing the league has dramatically reduced to almost none (hopefully due to better communication methods), however the number of cancellations is occasionally quite high especially on the day of a match.

To try and reduce this and make the league better for all teams we are proposing the following:

  • Each team will be allowed to cancel a maximum of two matches in a season (this team will automatically receive a 2-0 loss but get a full refund). We would expect to be told this at least the day before a match.
  • If a team cancels a third match no refund will be issued, and a fourth match cancelled in a single season will result in removal from the league
  • If any team cancels on the day of a match then no refund will be issued to that team, a 2-0 loss will be recorded and it will count towards their number of cancelled matches.  We have looked at other leagues and most operate a zero refund policy at any point in the league so hopefully we are still being fair. However common sense will be applied so for example when the Sunday 11 a side league have summer matches we won’t count these as we are aware players have to play in them, but if teams can kick off at 9.15am to fulfil their matches it would be appreciated.

League Places

There are currently two places in League 1 available but we have a waiting list of six teams so these should be filled in time for Season 3 kick off.


We are asking that all new teams into the league have matching football tops (we have no intention of asking for matching shorts and socks) and we would ideally we would like all existing teams to work towards this. If you are buying new tops please do not buy black as the referees wear black.


We continue to monitor the discipline of teams and our independent discipline panel has removed one team from both the Monday and Thursday league due to repeated poor behaviour.  This is a last resort and hopefully something that we won’t need to apply again but we will do so if required.


We are pressing ahead with the complete replacement of the floodlights to new LED ones but the bidding process with the FA can take in excess of six weeks.  We would hope that all new floodlights will be installed by Christmas at the latest but hopefully earlier.


Please do not use the match balls for warm ups. Unfortunately when we allow balls to be used for warm ups most end up getting kicked over the fence and left by the team who have kicked it over. If you need a ball for a warm up you must bring your own.

Shin Pads

We must remind you to wear shin pads for all matches. This is for your own protection.


Just a reminder that the 3G is available for hire and it's now FA approved meaning it can be used for 11 a side league matches if your weekend grass pitches are unplayable. Click on the link below to view availability however please note that from October to March we only have 9.00pm to 10.00pm on a Friday available during the week but more availability at the weekend especially Saturday afternoons.

3G @ Priory | Book Now | Pitch booking


Adults 7-A-Side League

Matches kick off every 45 minutes between 7.00pm and 9.15pm.

There are 3 leagues each consisting of 8 teams.

Cost:  £30 per team per week.

Please email for enquiries.