Department Name Email Address
Headteacher Mr M Eastham
Deputy Headteacher Mrs L Cowell
Assistant Headteachers

Mrs D Crank
Assistant Headteacher/ICT

Mr N Gee
Assistant Headteacher/PE

Ms H Young
Assistant Headteacher/Science
House Leaders

Mrs V Eastham
Head of Calder House

Mrs R Gutteridge 
Head of Douglas House


Mrs A Bailey
Head of Hodder House

Mr P Faulkner
Head of Ribble House
SEN Co-ordinator Mrs A Holland
Pastoral Managers Ms S Clementson
  Mr G Shipton

Mrs A Gidden
English Leader

Miss K Thornton
Teaching & Learning Lead Teacher 
Specialist Leader for Education (SLE)

Mrs J Elliott
Key Stage 3 Co-Ordinator (English)
Mrs E Robinson
Mr S Caddle
Miss K Simpkin

Mr P Kenrick
Maths Leader
Mr R Baker
Mr C Henshaw
Mr A Hunter
Mr T Raynor
Mr A Sneddon

Ms H Young
Science Leader
Mrs V Eastham
Mrs J Burn
Miss E Conyngham
Ms C Massey
Mr D McIntyre
Creative Arts

Mrs T Hopes
Creative Arts Leader

Mr A Taylor
Music Subject Leader

Mr S Hardcastle
Drama Subject Leader
Design Technology

Mrs S Lawe
Technology Leader
Ms S Lewis-Lavender
Food Technology Subject Leader
Mr A Graham
Ms L Hardwick
Mrs D Coxhead

Mr P Metcalfe
Humanities Leader

Mrs K Ham (maternity leave)
RE Subject Leader

Mr A Watters
Geography Subject Leader

Mr A Eccles
History Subject Leader
Mrs A Holland

Mrs S Qadri
ICT Leader
Mrs D Crank
Mrs D Saunders
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Mrs A Scully 
MFL Leader

Mrs A Bailey
Mrs S Eastham
Physical Education

Mr M Bullock
PE & Sports Leader
Mr P Faulkner
Mr N Gee
Mrs R Gutteridge
Miss A Beesley
Learning Support  Mrs J Ali
Mrs S Sutton
Mrs F Whalley
Mrs A Willis
Mrs J Simpson
Mrs G Tindsley
Mr K Robinson
Mrs Z Karodia
Attendance & Inclusion Manager Mrs D Swire
Learning Manager Mrs J Nayler
Independent Advice and Guidance Mr V Ficorilli
Professional Mentor Mr A Taylor
Transition & Integration Manager Mrs L Farley
Exams Officer Mr M Dever