14 May 2019

Colin has hit the right note in his love for the piano.

The Year 10 pupil has achieved a Grade 8 on the keyboard – the highest grade – and will continue to take his talent for music further.

“I play contemporary pieces and have been introduced to classical pieces recently,” said Colin.

“It is a hobby, I have been playing the keyboard since I was 8 years old, and have recently moved onto the piano, and have achieved a grade every year.

“I can now move onto diplomas but I have to wait until I am 18 to do my teaching diploma as it’s essentially university level.”

Colin has many times been invited to play at Priory events such as open evenings.  However, while skilled on the piano, Colin’s ambition is to be a scientist and he is involved with the school’s Astronomy Club.

“I got a B in my Astronomy GCSE last year and I am taking it again this year as I want to get a 9 - the highest grade possible. Playing the piano is a hobby as I want to be a scientist.”