20 May 2019

Wycoller (8, 9, 14 & 17 May)

Year 9 and Year 10 Geography pupils have had the opportunity to complete the first of their fieldwork skills trips by visiting Wycoller.  The main aims of the visit were to allow pupils to study a river landscape first hand and enable each to develop skills in measuring, observing and recording how features change along the long profile of a river. The work will greatly enhance their knowledge and understanding of how a river works.

A report by Year Set 9A2

We had a great time - we were the luckiest as we got the best of the weather this Tuesday, 14 May. It meant that we were able to get through all of the three different long profile sites along the Wycoller Beck. 

We went as our teaching group, working in groups of five or six and measured different characteristics of the stream. A few of the Year 10 pupils joined us as they had been unable to attend last year. We were trying to test how the stream changed its velocity, discharge, wetted perimeter, bed load size and angularity as a hypothesis testing procedure against the Higher Level theoretical Bradshaw’s model as well as prepare for our Paper 3 GCSE. We tried different techniques and evaluated whether the stream, which eventually flows into the River Ribble, correlated or was a series of anomalies.

We were taught about different features such as the waterfalls, meander loops and the impact of both micro and larger flood management interventions. We also collected data and made two video clips; one on the fluvial processes in a waterfall/rapid system and the other on the evolution of the main techniques used for accurately measuring the velocity. We would have had more oranges left for the other groups however Mason B ate the evidence!

Sam P decided it would be a good idea to fall into the river to test his buoyancy. As the stream was only about 30cm deep his theory didn’t really work!! Mr Watters worked with the group on testing the levels of bed-load suspension in the water, reportedly he did taste the water. 

Four GCSE groups will have tested their Physical section for their GCSE by the end of Friday. We had a great time and really needed the Fab lollies we had on the way home. Thanks to our staff as we had a great time and learnt loads. Mr Eastham, Miss Walsh and Mr Watters worked together to teach us all day. Mr Metcalfe and Miss Smith also attended on different days. 

Photos supplied by Aaron B & Charlie T.