10 October 2019

Priory’s Head of English, Mrs Gidden, has been really impressed with many of our multi-talented pupils and wanted to highlight their love of reading while excelling at other pursuits.

This week we interviewed Year 7 pupil, Jessica.

Jessica is half way through Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk - and she can’t wait to find out what happens next!

“It’s about a little girl called Annabelle who lives in the countryside, on a farm,” said the Year 7 pupil.

“She goes to a school where another girl called Betty is really mean to her and sets traps for her on her way to school, such as putting a wire across a path.

“Then there is this man called Tom who walks around the countryside and he and Betty go missing - and that’s where I am up to!”

Jessica admits her favourite books are the Harry Potter series.

“I do prefer the films though just because you can see everything that’s going on.

“I do read for about 10 minutes every day. I either read to my mum or read myself depending on where I am.”

Jessica has just started music lessons at school.

“I am learning the keyboard. My hobbies are reading and listening to music.”