28 October 2019

Priory's English department challenge you to Book-a-roo!

Do your preloved books take up too much space? Book-a-roo it our way and help our library grow!

Have you got lots of books at home that you have read, loved but are unlikely to read again? If so, you can help contribute to Priory’s library as we grow this important resource.

Pupils could also win the chance to go on a FREE TRIP!

How do I participate?  Bring any unwanted books to the school library with this Book-a-roo grid.

For every book you donate, you’ll receive 5 stamps. The pupils who donate the most books before 6 December will be taken on a reward trip as a thank you for making someone else’s experience of the Priory’s library all the more enjoyable.

There’s a catch – For every consignment of your donations, we encourage the original reader to submit a simple review of one of the preloved books in the form of: ‘I loved this book because… ‘

Good quality books will earn you your stamps!

When can I donate? Starting Friday, 1 November.  How long have I got? Until Friday, 6th December.