18 December 2019

On Tuesday afternoon a small group of pupils were invited to attend the Royal Institute's Christmas Lecture live screening at the Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester.

The Christmas Lectures have been inspiring children and adults alike since 1825 and were initiated by Michael Faraday in establishing an exciting way of presenting science to young people. 

This year's lectures were with Dr Hannah Fry and this was one of three recorded this month at the Royal Institute which will be broadcast on BBC Four.

Assistant Head of Science, Mrs Massey said, "We really enjoyed listening to Hannah Fry talk about how maths is used in technology.  She discussed the use of the internet, robots making court decisions, face recognition and use of drones". 

Pupils had the opportunity to explore the museum before attending the lecture later in the evening.  

Mrs Massey continued, "This was a wonderful opportunity for our pupils and their behaviour was excellent. The lecture was being filmed live from London so it was very interesting to see how it is put together and we are really looking forward to watching the finished lecture over Christmas". 

We hope everyone can tune in to watch the lecture which will be broadcast on BBC Four between Christmas and New Year - 'Secrets and lies: The Hidden Power of Maths'.