18 March 2020

Ryan has been taking a Maths masterclass while also studying a GCSE in Further Maths as Priory look to build on their recent successes in the subject.

The Year 11 was nominated by Head of Maths, Mr Kenrick, to attend a Royal Mathematics Masterclass at Lancaster University as he wanted to push himself further.

“It’s over six weeks and it’s two-and-half hours every time,” said Ryan. “It’s to A-Level and degree level and I have learnt a lot from it.

“I found my interest in maths at primary school as I was quite good at it and my mum is a primary school teacher and she helped me with it. I began to enjoy it.”

Ryan is expected to get a high grade in his Maths GCSE and wants to do Maths and Further Maths at A-Level as well as a degree in Maths.

“I would like to be a Maths teacher,” he added.

Last year the Maths Department introduced the Further Maths qualification into Priory and there are more than 20 pupils studying the extra subject.

“Last year our Year 11s were record breakers in terms of achieving Grades 7-9 in Maths because they are also sitting the Further Maths qualification,” said Mr Kenrick.

“Studying a Further Maths qualification has boosted the grades in maths and we hope for even better results this year."