14 September 2020

We usually hear… 

“Why are we learning this, when we won’t use it after we leave” 

Learning for Life sessions are about skills you will need and will use, now and in the future.

What’s it all about?

At Penwortham Priory Academy the Learning for Life curriculum is designed to support the promotion of excellence for pupils and do all it can to improve their life chances.

Two years ago we embarked on introducing a new personal development curriculum for pupils, known as Learning for Life, which seeks to develop pupil's character attributes and foster a greater culture of kindness, respect and keeping each other safe. 

The school sees great value in the personal development curriculum and through academic year pupils will have two 20 minute sessions a week to explore and develop their Learning for Life.  

In character units, pupils will explore attributes of Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication (LORIC) as it is widely acknowledged that these areas not only raise achievement in youngsters but are highly sought after in candidates applying to colleges and places of employment. 

All pupils at the school are provided with the opportunity to engage in LORIC activities and receive certification for doing so through the PiXL Edge Award. Past pupils in receipt of the award have included details in college and apprenticeship applications, have been asked to interview and have discussed this achievement further with college staff and employers, who have been impressed that such skills are now formally recognised. 

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