11 February 2021

Mrs Holland's wellbeing day challenge tasked pupils to complete activities to meet each of the five wellbeing targets.

As evidence, pupils could take pictures, keep a diary, create a PowerPoint, make a video - in fact any format which got them creative in finding ways to: connect, be active, take notice, learn and give.

Year 7 pupil, Charlie N, met all targets and was presented with an Easter egg for his efforts.

Charlie covered all five of the target areas and included a variety of activities such as video calling his grandma on a regular basis so she can keep in touch with family whilst staying safe, keeping active by taking lots of walks both to and from school and along the river. 

While keeping learning Charlie says, "I really enjoy technology and reading. Lately I figured out how to edit videos with colortone in shot and prequel." 

Both Charlie and the rest of his family donated food to local foodbanks and other local charities during lockdown to help those less fortunate than themselves. In order to take notice, Charlie explained that he has become more mindful of his struggle to get to sleep some nights and has started to use a guided sleep meditation which he's found really helpful. He's given us the link in case any of you want try it, Guided Sleep Meditation for Teenagers: Sleep & Relaxation > www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRgVIslcSeo

Mrs Holland said, "Thanks to all the pupils that got involved; I hope they felt they had gained something from having a go at this challenge.  I really enjoyed reading about what some of the pupils had been up to.  It was a great day.  Well done to all of them."


Tags: PSHE