1 March 2021

The Government have asked that all pupils are Covid tested three times at school over the coming weeks. The first test must return a negative result before pupils will be able to come back into school, so in order to carry out this initial mass testing, we will operate a phased return for year groups over the first week to assist with this.

Each year group will be allocated a specific day to come into school, be tested and then return home. The emphasis in the first week is on testing, not getting all pupils back in the classroom on Monday, 8 March.  On the day allocated to each year group to come into school for testing, there will be no remote learning for that year group.

It is important that all parents read the letter which was emailed to them on Thurs, 25 February (copy available below).  Pupils should also watch the below video below where Mr Eastham outlines the return to school plans and walks you through the Covid testing procedures.

Fri, 5 March
Year 11 - testing
Year 7-10 - remote learning

Mon, 8 March
Year 11 - in school*
Year 10 - testing
Year 7-9 - remote learning

Tues, 9 March
Year 11 & 10 - in school*
Year 9 - testing
Year 7-8 - remote learning

Weds, 10 March
Year 11, 10 & 9 - in school*
Year 8 - testing
Year 7 - remote learning

Thurs, 11 March 
Year 11, 10, 9 & 8 - in school*
Year 7 - testing

Fri, 12 March
All pupils back in school.*

*subject to negative test result.

The testing centre is in the dining room which will be open each day from 9am until 3pm.  Pupils should access the dining room via its external doors and must leave straight after their test.

Please note that if a pupil has tested positive for COVID 19 in the last 90 days (the 90 days starts from the date of a positive PCR test) then they are not to take the LTF test in school as it is likely to return a false positive result.

If your son/daughter has tested positive in the last 90 days please email n.gee@priory.lancs.sch.uk informing us of their name, year group and the date that the positive PCR test was taken.

Reopening plans - March 2021