17 March 2021

Year 10 Childcare pupils have been busy working on topics which include how children learn best whilst at pre-school and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

To tie in with World Book Day, teacher Mrs Holland set her pupils a challenge to create class activities which linked into well-known children's story books. The class were really creative with their ideas. 

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson proved a popular choice with suggested activities including nature walks where children would hunt for the different characters featured in the story, and games of hide and seek to recreate the mouse's journey through the woods.  Some pupils thought about creating sensory objects to tie in with different sounds and textures to bring the story to life whilst also incorporating craft activities based on the creatures. 
Another pupil focused on Paddington Bear and a journey for the pupils to take around the classroom which recreated Paddington's expedition to London - including the making of his favourite snack of marmalade sandwiches!
Finally we couldn’t forget about the Hungry Caterpillar!! Lots of crafting involved for children to create their own versions using a wooden spoon, pieces of a foam pool noodle and pipe cleaners!

Mrs Holland said, "It was fantastic to see the imaginative ideas the pupils came up with. Should any of them want to pursue a career within the Childcare profession in the future I’m sure they’ll be keeping the children very entertained through their learning!"

Mrs Holland treated the pupils who came up with the most thought-out ideas with an Easter egg each.

Egg-cellent work from >> 

Yadfah J, Keyantae C, Chanelle Mc-R, Sydney J, Hannah Y.


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