11 June 2021

Gary is the name voted for by Year 7.  A small group of Year 7 students shortlisted the name as part of their role in helping to care for the Science department's animals. The other names in the shortlist were Jay Jay, Simba and Godzilla!

Under the leadership of science teacher, Mrs Massey, and lab technician, Mr Evans, the group of pupils are helping to care for Gary the gecko alongside Barney the axolotl with maybe more animals to be added! 

Mrs Massey said: “In previous years pupils have always taken an active role in caring for the department's animals. We decided to get Year 7s involved with the animals which we have at Priory. We did this as, due to the bubble groups, they haven’t been able to visit the science area so this gives them a chance when it is empty. 

“It also helps their confidence looking after animals and getting them used to handling, helping and caring for them. The group of pupils visit once a week to learn about the animals and how to care for them.  We are seeing their confidence grow and will start to give them more responsibilities.” 

As part of his new role one of the Year 7s, Anthony, got to hold Gary: “I like the gecko, I am not scared!”.

Tags: Science Learning for Life