16 July 2021

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There was certainly Much Ado About Something as Year 8s set to work on bringing a Shakespeare classic into the modern era. 

English teacher Mr Owen challenged the year group to design a modern, contemporary book cover for Shakespeare's romantic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. 

The competition captured the imagination of the pupils who felt the old book cover was archaic and uninspiring, something the play is not, and they used their creative talents to make it more contemporary. 

The winner was Emmie P for her enticing mask design book cover and she collected a £20 Amazon voucher. 

Jessica M and Emily C were runners-up, both with superb designs. 

Mr Owen said:  "Shakespeare has had a contemporary revamp courtesy of our Year 8 pupils. It is exciting to see Much Ado About Nothing come to life in glorious colour. Thanks to all pupils who engaged and entered; clearly, masquerade balls are back in fashion!"  


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