21 June 2022

Priory’s gardens are our pride and joy and award-winning gardener Mr Farron wants to let parents and pupils know what to expect each month as the landscape changes.  

Now we are into June and the Priory Garden is in full bloom while Phase 2 of the development is underway,

Mr Farron said: “The pupils are starting to appreciate our colourful gardens and I am getting asked lots of questions. I also notice that they are a lot calmer when passing through.  

"It’s beautiful. We have the poppies appearing, their seeds were brought back from our last visit to Flanders, Belgium, pre-Covid and it’s lovely to see them in full bloom. We have the delphiniums and our arches are taking shape now with the Dublin Bay and Schoolgirl (Climbing Roses) all with the added scent of Jasmine. 

“The Second Phase of the garden development, the one against the wall, is currently underway with more details below. 

“We have planted some shrubs, trees and flowers but it’s the scientific bit at the moment – looking at the soil content and so on. My idea is symmetry so that, when the sun comes around, it will hit the roses and create shadows on the wall. It should also create different aromas when you walk past it.” 

Jobs for June

  1.  Leave hedge cutting till the end of the month so wildlife can feel safe.
  2. When placing support for plants, ALWAYS cover tops of the canes with protective caps.
  3. Keep dead heading as this produces more energy for the plants and they will continue to bloom much longer. 

Flaming June

The next stage of Priory gardens has started – the layout has been decided and trees, shrubs and flowers are about to be planted. The theme of this stage will be of the symmetry of the shadows and shapes combining the magnificence of colour and movement.

The main centre garden is in full bloom and displaying the plants of all varieties in their splendour. I for one get very much pleasure from this show and study the effect on our students, teachers and visitors as they walk by.

The memorial garden is also competing with a sense of character, vibrant in colour and with the sweet scent of Jasmine.

All things bright & ‘Prioryful’


Mr C Farron, Gardener
Honorary Member of the RHS
Winner of North West Britain in Bloom, South Ribble in Bloom, Penwortham in Bloom
Judge for South Ribble and Penwortham in Bloom competitions

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