3 October 2022

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Year 7 pupils admit they will feel a buzz when they get their hands on a brand new book! 
Bookbuzz, from the Book Trust, is a project that the school buys into so all Year 7 pupils each receive a free new book!  They can select from a wide variety of titles, from non-fiction reads for curious minds to fast-paced page turners. It's the UK’s largest children’s reading charity dedicated to getting children reading.

Each Bookbuzz pupil chooses a title to take and keep, while the school receives two copies of every book to boost their library.

English teacher Mrs Elliott, who co-ordinates the project in school, said: “It's our favourite time when the buzz of choosing their freebie new book spreads like wild-fire through our Year 7s!   

“With authors from Horowitz to Hitchcock and titles from 'Bad Panda' to 'Star Cat', there's something to cater for all tastes in this year's book choice.   

“The selection also includes the inspiring debut from Marcus Rashford 'You Are A Champion' and the acclaimed 'When the Sky Falls' from Phil Earle.   

“Seeing the pupils making their choices and discussing the merits or otherwise of the titles on offer is great fun.  It's all about building excitement around reading and Bookbuzz definitely delivers!” 

The Year 8s said they remember the feeling of getting their hands on a nice new book last year:

Sehr A said: “I chose ‘When Life Gives You Mangoes’ last year which was quite a traumatic book but I enjoyed it. I loved it when I got the new book and, at first, I took my time to read it but then I picked up the pace.” 

Shiven N selected ‘Slick’. “It was about a robot. I liked it and it was nice having a new book rather than one someone else had already read.” 

Junior’s book was ‘Fire Boy.’ “This was about a boy who ate magic sweets and it gave him fire powers – the downside was it burnt his clothes! It was a good book and I still have it at home.” 

Year 7s are thrilled with their choice – and the group we selected all chose a different book which shows the variety on offer! 

Eliza G selected ‘The House of Clouds’ by Lisa Thompson. “It’s a human interest story which appealed to me. I love getting a new book so I am excited.” 

Zara W chose a historical novel ‘Tragedy at Sea: The Sinking of the Titanic. “It’s something I am interested in, the Titanic, how it all happened.” 

Adam B’s book was ‘Bad Panda’: “It’s basically about a bad panda in a zoo! I will be honest, I chose this as it was last on the list and it was the one I remembered but I will read it. My favourite author is Roald Dahl.” 

Connor S chose ‘My Big Mouth’ described as a ‘funny and entertaining cautionary tale.’  “I like funny books. We had a good choice to select from.” 

Alfie C went for ‘Factopia’ – the perfect book for any fact lovers.  “It has 400 different facts so I am hoping I can learn something,” said Alfie. 

Jessica J chose ‘The Girl in Wooden Armour.’ “It sounds a good book; I like fantasy books so I will give this a go!” 

Year 7 will receive their books after the half term break.  To find out about the 17 books on offer, read their blurbs and meet the author, go to>>


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