30 November 2022

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It's been a busy month for the ICT & Computer Science department with three exciting enrichment events for our pupils. From a 3D Design workshop at Runshaw College for our Year 10s to STEM career talks for Year 9s. This week we highlight the CyberFirst Empower event promoting STEM Careers for Year 8 girls. 

On 15 November, Head of Department Mrs Qadri, invited over 40 enthusiastic Year 8 girls to Ewood Park, Blackburn for a CyberFirst Empower event. The event was designed to transform the way that girls think about careers in computing and challenge the under-representation of women in tech careers.

The half day trip included immersive and inspiring activities led by some of the leading tech organisations from around the world.  Pupils could hear from inspirational women leaders in STEM and explore the latest innovations in areas including AI, cyber security, data science and robotics 
Mrs Qadri added, "The goal of these Empower events was to reach girls at a pivotal moment in their education to change their perspectives on computing and to inspire the next generation of cyber-professionals."

The girls thoroughly made the most out of the event:

Grace P said, "All the activities were really fun and creative".

Alex G said, "I am very happy to have had the opportunity to attend this trip, it was so fun and interesting to see all of the different things that we can do with technology.  The staff were lovely and I felt like I learnt a lot."

Holly P said, "All the activities were very enjoyable and the staff were very positive and didn't let anyone give up".

Wictoria C-C said, "I'm so glad I got the opportunity to go on this trip, I loved the activities and the staff were very friendly".

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