10 March 2023

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Well spring is certainly on its way!

Officially, we enter Spring on 26 March when longer days and lighter hours begin and the soil starts to warm. I have been quite busy these winter months for this very eventful period to come. In particular, repairing and maintaining equipment ready for the very busy months ahead, along with placing bulbs around the school which now are showing and pushing through for the great show. 

All well designed gardens use balance in different ways to create a harmonious space. I have applied this by using an ordered designer edge and there are countless ways to achieve this look. We have beds of perennial planting alongside the old favourite annuals, mirrored with plants on either side of the paths through Priory gardens, giving various shows of colour and fragrance, which hopefully achieve the desired effect through symmetry, so pleasing and calming to the eye.

A beautiful balance through elements of modern symmetry will add a restful and calming effect so that not only our plants bloom and grow, but also our students and staff adopt the benefits that the garden provides. 

This year the gardens are packed with different contrasting features and the eye darts around trying to take them all in but finds it hard to settle on any one element therefore when balance and symmetry are used well, the opposite is true thus the calming effect bringing balance to the whole design.

A very fragrant flower to look out for this season is Gertrude Jekyll, a fantastic rose bush with a stunning fragrance. This is a Chelsea gold!
As they say, spring has sprung and a big sign of that is the Priory ducks have arrived. Daphne is making her nest in the special hen house I have built.

I hope that you all enjoy this period of rebirth and experience a wonderful spring term. 

Tip of the month:  Keep Smiling. It will grow on you!

Note for the month: 

Tes paideas faefetas risdas elnai pikras, ton ele karpon gluken

The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet (Aristotle)

Mr C Farron, Gardener
Honorary Member of the RHS
Winner of North West Britain in Bloom, South Ribble in Bloom and Penwortham in Bloom
Judge for South Ribble and Penwortham in Bloom competitions


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