22 May 2023

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This week it's all about: the 1980s

This decade is often dismissed as drum machines and big hair. However, it was a revolutionary time. Genres like rap, hiphop and modern dance music which now dominate the current scene stemmed from the decade 40 years ago. Guitar-driven Indie music preceded the grunge and Britpop of the 1990’s. It is effectively modern pop’s year zero. Perhaps more than ever before, music possessed both its own look and its own sound and could be the most influential decade in the history of pop music.  

The ability to switch on music and carry it around first manifested itself in the 1980’s through the Walkman. Nowadays we think nothing of it. Music becoming portable alongside new technologies in both sound and video changed music forever. 1st August 1981 saw the American cable channel launched MTV with ‘Video killed the Radio star’ so music producers had a second medium through which to sell their product. Hollywood directors could now become involved in making music videos, perhaps the most famous of all being Michael Jackson’s Thriller. 

MABAL is music played through the school's speaker system during break and lunch.  Chosen by Mr Taylor, Lead Teacher for Music, this is designed to offer exposure to the curriculum in different ways, and support pupils' appreciation of music.

The focus is on one theme each week across a genre, a country or from history.  The theme could also link to the season or an event in school, such as the production.  Any further suggestions are welcomed - pupils should see Mr Taylor or email a.taylor@priory.lancs.sch.uk 

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