27 May 2023

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Year 11 pupils are looking to go out and change the world as they focus on life after Priory. 

From a doctor, to a human rights activist, an archaeologist and working in the National Crime Agency, the Year 11s have big plans for their futures. 

Some are still undecided about their careers but have already got their college plans in place as they make the next step after secondary school. 

Eli hopes to go to LUSoM and study Maths, Physics and Computer Science. 

“I hate the injustices in the world and I want to be a human rights activist, it’s something I feel really strongly about,” said Eli. “I want equal rights for everybody.” 

Daniella wants to be a doctor in the army. 

“I am not sure whether to go to Runshaw or Newman College but I want to go to Sandhurst University. I have always wanted to be a doctor and I am in the army cadets so a medic in the army would be my dream job.” 

Sara has already started her plans for the future. 

“I want to be a social media influencer. I already have a Tik Tok page and have a large number of followers. It’s something I have built up over time, looking at clothes, make-up, just general every day things and brands already send me items to promote. 

“I want to go to Runshaw College and study Maths, Business and Digital Graphics,” said Sara. 

Head Boy Taylor is thinking about becoming a Project Control Manager – a job his dad does at BAE Systems. 

“I want to go to Newman College and study Maths, Economics and I don’t know the third A-Level yet.” 

He has qualified as a Level 7 football referee so that’s something he is also looking at. 

“I have enjoyed Priory, I have made some good friendships, played in the football team and I have liked my maths teacher!” 

Head Girl Fatima has always wanted to be a Sports Therapist. 

“I am going to Newman College to study a BTEC in Sport and A-Level Biology and then I hope to go to Edgehill or Loughborough University. I have played netball at Priory and always wanted to do something with sport. 

“I have loved being Head Girl, being able to listen and voice the opinions of the pupils.” 

Jacob admits he likes speaking and his focus is on becoming a lawyer. 

“I want to go to either Runshaw or Newman College and study Business, Law, Economics and maybe Psychology. I like speaking, I am good at arguments and I would like to be a criminal lawyer.” 

Francesca wants to work for the National Crime Agency. 

“I want to go to Runshaw College and study either Public Services or Social Science. This will open up to me a number of opportunities such as being in the police and I have always been interested in crimes. 

“I have enjoyed my time at Priory,  I have made good friends and the teachers have always been there for me.” 

Sarah is looking at jobs in a similar field as she wants to be a criminal investigator. 

“I will go to Runshaw College to study Public Services. I can look at the ambulance service, fire service and the police and then see where it takes me.” 

Uzair is debating a career in dentistry. 

“I want to go to Newman College to study Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. My uncle is a dentist so I am interested in it, it’s good pay as well! 

“At Priory, the teachers have been really supportive and they bring in good people from outside who you can talk to, such as careers advisors.” 

Lucas did want to fly planes – but now is happy to be on the ground. 

“I was in the Air Cadets and I did think about the RAF but now I want to work in the army. I hope to go to Preston College and study a BTEC in Aeronautical Engineering. I would like to be a Royal Engineer.” 

Elizabeth was thinking of becoming a photographer but now wants to be a journalist. 

“I enjoy English and I like writing but I like photography as well. I want to go to Newman College but am not sure what A-Levels I want to take yet.” 

Harry hopes to go to Runshaw College to study Psychology, Economics and Accounting. 

“I like most aspects of Maths so I would like to be an accountant. When I was young I wanted to be an airline pilot but have decided against that now!” 

Jessica likes history and may be an archaeologist. 

“I want to go to Runshaw College and study Classical Civilisation, Maths, History and Biology.” 

Year 11 will celebrate their time at Priory at an awards presentation and assembly on Thursday, 15 June.  Until then, the best of luck to them as they continue their GCSE exams.

Mrs Ham
Head of Year 11


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