9 July 2023

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The Eco Committee had a very informative visit to Whitefield Primary School to meet their Eco Ambassadors last week.  Led by Science Teacher, Mrs Massey, the group talked about the projects they have set up and had a tour of their grounds.  

Whilst at the school the Committee also looked at the areas they have left to re-wild and where they grow fruit and vegetables. 

Here's a report by Year 7 pupil, Oliver C.

On Friday 16 June, the Eco Committee took a trip to Whitefield Primary School to discuss what each school was doing to help their environment. 

We began by talking about our plan to put paper-only bins in each of the classrooms. We then continued by saying that we were re-using plant pots to make pot-figures. Another thing that we mentioned was that we were thinking of putting signs out to remind teachers and students to keep the lights off when possible. 

Their Eco Club (their version of the Eco Committee) began by talking about the more recent things that they had done, like lowering the ceilings in some of the classrooms and switching their bulbs for LED lights to save energy. Also, they had put signs out to ensure that teachers and students alike will turn the lights off when possible. 

They took us around the grounds and showed us the many things that they had done to the outside environment, for example, letting the grass grow wild along the edges of their field and planting meadows as part of their long-term project. They have also put out pot pollinators to ensure that bees and butterflies thrive. By getting more bins and creating a litter picking crew, they hope to deal with the litter that is dropped. They also have a gardening club to grow fruit and vegetables. In their Jubilee Garden (a small area of wild forest) they have got a bird feeder to attract more birds. To help with this task, they have got bird boxes but they are both out in the open and so will move these closer to the bushes. 

Mrs Massey said, "It was great to hear that the young people are so enthusiastic and well informed about their local environment.  Our pupils asked them great questions and spoke about the projects we have been working on."

In the new academic year, the team at Whitefield Primary School will visit Priory and we plan to continue to share ideas and projects as well as raise awareness of the importance of caring for our planet.

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