7 September 2023

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Here's what our Cool Readers Club is all about...

These are our reading stars put forward by their English teacher.  We interview them about their current book, what they like reading about and what they like to do when they’re not reading.  Introducing Sienna...

Sienna enjoys fantasy and romance books. 

“I am currently reading ‘Pretties’ by Scott Westerveld. It’s a bit like Hunger Games.” 

The book is the second of a trilogy and is set in a future world where everyone is turned ‘Pretty' by extreme cosmetic surgery when reaching 16. Teenager Tally rebels against it. 

“I read a lot and my favourite books are Twilight and Harry Potter and I have read all of them in the series. I have watched the films as well but I prefer the books. 

“In school, I like geography and I don’t know what I want to do in the future, although I want to go to college and university.” 

Tags: English Year 8