12 September 2023

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Year 7 have made a fantastic start to their learning in Science this year. Over the summer they have been working hard on various pieces of Science homework. 

Pupils were given several activities to choose from.

The first being to make a scientific model or presentation on a topic of your choice to be displayed in our ‘Nucleus’ area of the department. Here, Eli P has constructed a very impressive model of the heart. The model was made out of salt dough and as you can see it has been made in great detail with effort made to label the various parts.  

A second was to complete the investigation work in the booklets that were handed out during transition sessions. Henry H completed his to a very high standard and commented that he particularly enjoyed making the cornflour slime, coming up with a conclusion that "it acts in different ways depending on how much pressure is applied". Erin M handed in another great example, carrying out an investigation into heart rate; taking part in exercise and concluding that "my heart rate increased by 20 when I exercised". 

Finally, as homework is routinely set on Seneca in Science, the incoming Year 7s were set some questions to help them get used to using the system. More than half of the year group completed their homework this way. The standard of completion was outstanding and our new pupils should be really proud of themselves for this. Notably, the following achieved 100% on this and should be really proud of themselves: Ella R, Zach E, Freya C, Dexter H, Max R, Bob H and Andrew H. 

Achievement points will be added onto Synergy for all this tremendous work this week. 

Well done year 7! 
Mrs Potter 
Assistant Head of Science

Pictured: Eli P, Tyler M, Willow P, Sienna T, Leo W, Logan McK, Freya C, Zach E

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