30 January 2024

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Congratulations to all the pupils who cracked the Christmas codebreaking competition.

The competition challenged pupils to figure out the Morse Code, test themselves with the Caesar and PigPen ciphers, and then create their own code breaker - and include the solution too!

Head of ICT & Computing, Mrs Qadri, has been testing herself with the pupils' coding conundrum creations and has awarded her three winners now they've been solved.

Well done to Nathan C for his fantastic codebreaking skills which enabled him to win first prize in the competition.

Mrs Qadri said, "Nathan created a 3D block with morse code imprinted on it which I printed using the 3D printer we have in school. But it wasn’t just to be used as a stamp for morse code, he actually went a step further and encrypted the morse code too!"  

She went on to say, "Nathan didn't make life easy for himself as he also had to design the block backwards so that it appeared correct when the stamp was printed onto paper."

Our winners each won £15, £10 and £5 Amazon vouchers respectively and all entrants will receive achievement points.

1st prize     Nathan C (Year 11)
2nd prize     Emma H (Year 10)
3rd prize     Geetha D-R (Year 10) 

Here's Nathan's Code - Can you solve it? (answer below)

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