8 February 2024

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Priory’s gardens are our pride and joy and award-winning gardener Mr Farron wants to let parents and pupils know what to expect each season as the landscape changes.  

Seasons greetings fellow composters 

Well, we are in deep mid-winter and the weather continues to bring fresh challenges for all who are engaged in horticulture ie, gardeners!

So I thought it would be worth engaging in what splendour is around us all. The garden needn’t be dull at this time of year as the days get chillier, many tough plants give an amazing display through colour and structure. 

Pot up your containers with seasonal plants to give several months of pleasure therefore I have been researching my plant guides so as to recommend the following plants for display:


Gaultheria Procumbens - Brings an instant stylish look using the white or red berries gaultheria, combined with dwarf conifers, pansies and miniature Cyclamen for an extra splash of colour.

Stunning Seed Heads

Both ornamental grasses and perennial seed heads look terrific covered with frost and it pays to delay cutting back until spring to enjoy a long-lasting display. So be aware of your surrounding stock. There are a number of plants that give a wonderful sculptured effect and they are:  Sea Holly, Miscanthus sinensis, veronicastrum virginicum, verbena bonariensis

For Winter Scent

Abeliophyllum - Related to Forsythia
Daphne Bholua – Heady fragrance
Viburnum Bodnantense – Heavy scented
Winter Honeysuckle – Scented tubular flowers
Witch Hazel – Fantastic citrus scent
Foliage & Berries

Plants with more than one season are invaluable, particularly those that form berries, while evergreens provide structure and formality. 

So here at Priory there are continued plans for the overall appearance of a well planned and colourful environment for the benefit of student, staff and visitors to enjoy the seasons to come. I am especially excited to see the recently finished planting and design of our rose garden in full bloom and I look forward to that moment. 

Work in Progress

Out in the Priory garden central, I have started to remove the old shrubs from the side walls to create a noticeable herbaceous and perennial display which will flower year on year.  Also planned, will be a colourful planted area by the four seasons figures to add a further interest to this beautiful place. 

To conclude I would like to thank the students especially for respecting our gardens and we can look forward to a happy new year in these pleasant surroundings, 

Mr C Farron, Gardener
Honorary Member of the RHS
Winner of Britain in Bloom, North West in Bloom, South Ribble in Bloom and Penwortham in Bloom
Judge for South Ribble in Bloom and Penwortham in Bloom



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