16 March 2024

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Priory’s next play is an educational performance written by Mark Wheeller that dramatises the story of his interviews with Rob, a young man, who as a teenager self-harmed. Mark chats to his family as they reflect on how traumatic it had been to live with this constant 'elephant in the room'.

Lead Teacher of Drama Miss Howell has overseen the more light-hearted musical shows at Priory of  ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Matilda’ and ‘Mary Poppins’ over the years. However, there was also a performance of ‘Game Over’ in 2022, which explored the dangers of cyber-bullying.

‘Scratching the Surface’ also discusses how it affects not only the person self-harming but their family and friends.

Miss Howell said: “Drama should be used for educating people as well as entertaining. We do not like to talk about certain subjects, they are taboo, such as mental health issues and especially self-harming but it’s important to talk about it.

“If we talk about it, people who self-harm may realise they are not on their own and that they can ask for help. We want to raise awareness and create a safe space to talk and break down the stigma of talking about mental health.”

Year 11 Alex plays the author Mark who interviews Rob, played by Caleb, who as a teenager self-harmed.

Alex said: “I am not a big fan of musicals but playing this part was right up my street. I played a part in ‘Game Over’ too.

“I am Mark who interviews Rob about self-harming and his experiences with it.”

Year 9 Caleb, who plays Rob, said: “I talk about self-harming, it is quite emotional and powerful."

Year 10 Ella plays Louise: “I am Rob’s mum and I talk about it from a mum’s perspective, about how it affects the family. It got me thinking about how self-harming affects other people.”

Year 7 Ted’s character is Ollie: “I am Rob’s brother and I talk about how Rob’s self-harming affected me.”

There is also Year 7 Maci who is Girl 3. “This is very different to Legally Blonde which I was involved in but I think it has an important message."

Connie is Girl 2: “I talk about my version of self-harming and how I hide it. To me it shows how everything on the outside may not be what it seems. You never know what is going on.”

The spring production will be on Tuesday, 30th April and Wednesday, 1st May starting at 7pm. Tickets are now available on SCOPay, via the School Office or on the door (cash only). 

Doors open at 6.30pm, theatre doors open at 6.45pm.  The performance is expected to end approx 8.15pm.

There will be a bake sale to support the mental health charity, YoungMinds.

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