21 June 2024

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Priory’s gardens are our pride and joy and award-winning gardener Mr Farron wants to let parents and pupils know what to expect each season as the landscape changes.  

Good afternoon fellow composters!

Well, it has finally arrived and my word what a soggy affair Spring was. However, all this water will be very evident in the coming months as all plants will have benefited in some way with an abundance of growth.

I have been extremely busy with the design and construction of a colonnade stretching along the outside of the English classroom to Science incorporating the Bistro and running from east to west with a planting of several herbaceous and perennial plants. The aim of this being to give an all-round yearly interest, varying in colour and movement with the addition of the appearance of an orderly boulevard.

Also, the addition and placement of Tommy in the 'Lest We Forget' memorial garden in the southern part of the ground has created great interest.

Priory Gardens are now a large part of our identity as the gardens take shape around the school creating an established intent of making our school beautiful and calming to the eye with the intention of encouraging wellbeing in being a part of an establishment unlike any other. I hope you all enjoy your time at Priory and appreciate your surroundings.

Tip for the month: Keep smiling, the sunshine is on its way!

Plants for the month

Climbers and wall shrubs are invaluable because of the space with which they can cover walls and fences, softening the hardlines. Because of their flexible stems and upward growth habit, climbers allow you to fit large plants in a small space, by growing tall climbing roses, honeysuckles, and clematis over arches and pergolas.

I would recommend an old-fashioned English rose intermingled with honeysuckle and clematis for a stunning effect. Sit back, enjoy the endorphins and let your imagination go and create your idol.

Mr C Farron, Gardener
Honorary Member of the RHS
Winner of Britain in Bloom, North West in Bloom, South Ribble in Bloom and Penwortham in Bloom
Judge for South Ribble in Bloom and Penwortham in Bloom

Compost Corner - Summer 2024


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