PSHEE at Priory is delivered in discrete days dedicated to the allocated topic. The learning is always active, with many outside agencies and speakers brought into the school to enhance the pupils’ learning.

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Year 7

In their first year the year 7s learn all about different techniques and skills to learn; develop teamwork and lateral thinking skills when marooned on a desert island; learn all about online safety; learn about mindfulness and aspects of a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally; and basic skills of finance and budgeting.

Year 8

In their second year the pupils learn about their own personal learning styles, how to develop different skills for different types of problems, and resilience in adversity; they learn about the politics of democracy and justice, winning the vote and core British values; They participate in a first aid course; discuss relationships and wise choices, including more on e-safety; and they look in depth at wellness, stress management skills and personal growth.

Year 9

The pupils receive professional information about drugs from the Addiction Team; learn about voting and participate in hustings and an election; experience a day about disabilities and how they can help others; learn more about Sex Education and choices; and look at finance and becoming an earner and the costs of living.

Year 10

The pupils explore their feelings about diversity in our Culture, including LGBT+ issues and Islamophobia; Examine sexual health and consent issues; Look at the finance of business by trying to create their own company; prepare for work experience and learn about Health and safety; and learn about driving safety with much input from the Emergency Services.

Year 11

The pupils prepare skills for applications and interviews; look at motivational and revision techniques for exams; learn to plan and execute effective revision strategies; and finally look at finance, with some emphasis on student finances.