10 October 2017

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Those were the words of Kevin Houghton who came in to Priory  to deliver a motivational speech to a full school assembly  at the end of the summer term.

Mr Houghton approached Priory almost two years ago for assistance with creating a prototype for an invention of his.  The Head of Technology at the time, Mrs Purcell-Houghton, set to work with keen pupils to produce some working models of the RefScorer concept that Mr Houghton could take to a US distributor.

Today, RefScorer, a hand held device that records the score of a football game, is now on sale worldwide.

Mr Houghton’s company, RefStuff now also has a large range of innovative sporting products designed to assist with the refereeing, scoring and management of matches, for Referees, Teachers and Sports Coaches around the world.

In thanks for Priory’s support to bring his idea to fruition, Mr Houghton presented a framed product memorabilia to the school as a token of appreciation.

After giving his presentation to the pupils, Mr Houghton commented, “I wanted to show the pupils what can be achieved if you focus, never give up and dare to dream.”