19 November 2018

Mr Henshaw is a former Priory pupil and has gone full circle to return to the school he left in 2009. “I was always good at Maths,” said Mr Henshaw. “In Year 10 I went to St Stephens, my former primary school, on work experience and I have always wanted to be a teacher since then.

“I went to Cardinal Newman and studied Maths when I left Priory. “I then went to the University of Northumbria and did my PGCE at Newcastle University.  “I got a job at St Thomas More in Newcastle but decided to return to Preston.

“I wasn’t sure about returning to Priory at first as I wasn’t the best behaved at school! “But when I went for my interview, I immediately wanted the job, with a young and vibrant Maths department who are passionate about their work. There were a few familiar faces in the staff room who couldn’t believe I had become a teacher, as many remembered me but I love it here.”

Mr Henshaw admitted it is a bit deep but said: “Maths is the language of the universe. The more you learn, the better you understand things that you thought you already knew!”

Mr Baker also joined in September after completing his PGCE at Edge Hill University.  “My favourite subject at school was Maths and I studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics and PE A-Levels in Southport. I then went to Durham University where my degree was in Natural Science, Maths and Physics.

“My love of teaching came from attending a summer camp in America where I found I loved working with children.  I completed my PGCE and this is my first job. It’s obviously a different challenge but it’s enjoyable.

“Priory has a strong Maths department and there are a few Year 10s who are really bright. Some ask me questions that are for degree level not GCSE!”

Head of Maths Mr Kenrick said: “We have been pro-active in recruiting the best staff we can. We have been giving presentations at Edge Hill about Priory and our ethos. We have built a strong team which is passionate and committed to move the department forward and keen for every child to fulfil their potential in Maths.”