10 December 2018

The school started the Accelerated Reader Programme in August and the pupils have embraced it.

Year 9 Cerys has read a staggering 5,137,315 words in that time. “I have lost count of how many books I have read,” said Cerys.

Year 8 Erin has read 2,031,086 words while Year 7 Sam is on his way to being a millionaire, with 786,220 words, leading his peer group. “I have read 10 books and I enjoy the Skullduggery Pleasant books among many others,” said Sam.

English Teacher and Literacy Co-ordinator Mrs Robinson said: “Everybody is loving reading. It has improved vocabulary as well as punctuation and grammar across the school. It’s impressive how many words the students have read in such a short time.”

Deputy Head, Mrs Cowell added, “The library at school is well stocked with appropriate content and pupils are responding well to the challenge of the scheme.

The Accelerated Reader Programme is popular in schools with students reading a book, they take an on-line quiz and get immediate feedback, which motivates them to progress their reading skills.  Teachers can then access reports to give them insights as to the level of complexity and comprehension which guides class instruction and future learning.

The leading readers are: Year 7 - Sam H,  Alfie, Year 8 - Emily B,  Alfie D, Tom D, Rhianne L, Erin M and Violet S and Year 9 - Zack L, Cerys S, Maddie W.