19 December 2018

Tilly is giving up her Christmas meal at home to help feed the lonely and elderly.

Year 7 pupil Tilly and her family will be part of the ‘Find a Friend Christmas Dinner’ at St Paul’s Church in Farington Moss.  It’s a three-course meal and entertainment for the lonely and the elderly to have company on Christmas Day.

Tilly, who also sings in the Age Concern choir, said: “It will mean it will be a different type of Christmas but it will be nice to see the smiles of the people who come along on the day. I am looking forward to helping others and watch them make new friends.”

The Christmas Day experience at St Paul’s was started by Lewis Buller four years ago with people within the community coming together in different ways to support it. 

Tilly’s mum said: “My grandad, Tilly’s ‘Big GanGan’ passed away on Christmas Day eight years ago after a big family Christmas dinner at our house. We haven’t had another one since and we have all wanted to do something like this so this year we are finally doing it as a family unit and we are so excited. 

“My grandad,  Henry Richard Evans JP, was quite a gentleman, the ex-Mayor of Preston and an Honorary Alderman and we are supporting this great cause in his memory.”

Look up ‘Find a Friend Christmas Dinner’ on social media for more information or to get involved.  

Age Concern is looking for befriending volunteers to support loneliness and isolation all-year round as part of the #millionminutes campaign.  Visit www.ageisjustanumber.org.uk for further details.