7 May 2019

For the fourth year Mother Duck has returned to the school’s Mediterranean garden to rear her young.  

Mum delivered 17 eggs which hatched over the Easter break.

Spotted when arriving at school early one morning last week, gardener Mr Farron was met by Mother Duck as she proudly showed off her ducklings.  It seems the little ones had already learnt how to swim in the pond although still needed the careful watch of mum.

To avoid being attacked by the gulls and magpies in the open space, Mr Farron escorted mum through the old Art rooms, dutifully followed by her ducklings, and out into the woods at the back of the school.  Under regular watch by the facilities staff, this is where they stayed for the next few days before they were led to fresh water ponds near the Ribble estuary.  

Hopefully, they’ll be back to see us again next year.