10 June 2019

Our new English teacher will be starting in September but she is already a familiar face around Priory!

Miss Smith is currently on a placement at Priory after she impressed Head of English Mrs Gidden at an interview.

“I was at Edge Hill studying my PGCE and I came for an interview for the English teacher’s role. I hadn’t yet done my second placement so Mrs Giddens offered me a placement and a job!

“It was on International Women’s Day as well so I felt it was meant to be. I officially start in September but I have settled in already.”

Miss Smith decided she wanted to become an English teacher after being inspired by her own teacher.

“Miss Pickering was my teacher at Stanley High School in Southport and I was a bit naughty in school but she never treated me like that, she was a really good teacher.

“When I left university I wasn’t sure if I did want to be an English teacher or whether it was just because of Miss Pickering so I went to Korea to teach English for a year.

“I had always been interested in the culture and I learnt Korean. I taught kindergarden children and it was a fantastic experience but it helped me realise I wanted to teach secondary school English and return to England.”

Miss Smith has brought her Korean links into school.

“I run the Korean Extra Curricular Club and it is quite popular! I did used to speak Korean every day but now I just help students to study Korean and read and write it.”

Mrs Gidden said: “Miss Smith was extremely competent at interview and myself and the rest of the department commented on her natural aptitude for teaching and how the students warmed to her almost immediately. I’m sure she will be an asset to our already strong team; she’s already made such an impact, we can’t wait for September and the future with Miss Smith officially in our team.”

Korean Club is every Tuesday lunchtime with Miss Smith in EN1.  Open to all pupils.