18 June 2019

As Priory’s Year 11s have now completed their Design & Technology GCSE, the Head of Department wanted to show off their creative talents.

Pupils had to choose one of three briefs for their coursework – design something for those with learning difficulties, help those in developing countries or to support a healthy lifestyle.

Head of Technology Mrs Lawe said she had been impressed with the students work.

“Most students decided to design something for children with learning disabilities, so they added educational and sensory items,” said Mrs Lawe.

“I was impressed with all the work, they had to do a lot of research, looking at the needs and wants of children with different disabilities, such as autism, and then made toys which they hoped would keep the children busy. They included dexterity, mobility and problem solving so it required a lot of thought and design skill.”

Student Lara (pictured) was proud of her coursework.

“I had four ideas and I decided to do all of them. There were two different mazes, a metal track and a picture so it was educational and fun. It was a lot of hard work, I put a lot of time into it, but it was worth it.”