28 June 2019

The Year 11’s big night finally arrived on Thursday when the pupils gathered one last time to celebrate their years at Penwortham Priory Academy in style.   

The event, held at Charnock Farm, Leyland, was the perfect opportunity for the hardworking Year 11s to let their hair down after the exam season and a chance to say goodbye to the staff who have challenged and supported them through their school days.

The pupils arrived in vehicles of many shapes and sizes, from stretched limousines to a cavalcade of sports cars.

The pupils in the Prom Committee spent many hours organising the event led by House Progress Leader, Mrs Bullock. Attendees were reminded of their Year 7 school photograph amongst other snippets of school memories throughout the evening.  Awards, put together by the pupils, ensued after the meal.  

The evening tailed away with some shapes being thrown on the dance floor and many farewell hugs at the end of a very memorable night.

Photos from the event can be found on the school's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PriorySTC/

The Prom awards, voted for by pupils of the prom committee.

Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket - Owen W, Mia W
Best sportswoman - Georgia P
Best sportsman - Joel G
Biggest flirt - Zaman A
Most likely to get ID’d when they’re 30 - Nawwy A
Best attendance (2018-19) - Adam Mc, Jacob H, Kiera B, Emina B
Best fake tan - Emily H
Most loved person in our year  - Molly T
Most gullible - Kian S, Jessica W, Mia W 
Biggest drama queen - Emily H
Motor Mouth - Nawwy A
Best at social networking - Mohamad H
Person whose phone was confiscated the most - Luke G
Best hair - Tom C
Biggest motivator - Georgia P
Best uniform wearer - Trista Mc, Emina B
Most outrageous - Michael W
Biggest non-conformist - Max B