15 July 2019

Former Priory student Tom Jones is holding a reunion for the Class of 1989, 30 years after they all left.

It all came about after Rosalind Smalley put a photo on Facebook and Tom saw his best friend Kenny from school, someone he hadn’t spoken to for 18 years.

“I felt compelled to get in touch and it’s snowballed from there,” said Tom.

Tom and Kenny met for a drink in The Fleece pub and unexpectedly bumped into a couple of other old school friends.  “Ros reminded me it will be 30 years since we left school and we all agreed it seemed like a good time to create a reunion particularly as some of us unfortunately have passed away.

“I have met with our former PE teachers Mr and Mrs Rhodes are willing to attend to do a guided tour of the school as well as it is completely different to when we were there.

“Hopefully Mr Tinsley will come too as all the PE teachers were great at supporting our sporting achievements. 

“One of our English teachers called Mr Hunter has cropped up in our chats as well as he was famous for shouting ‘YOU LAD! What do you think you’re doing?’

“There was also Food Tech teacher Miss Lewis-Lavender who used to pull your ear if you’d been naughty!”

The reunion is on 14 September at Penwortham Priory Academy - 2.30pm for 3pm start.

Then it’s onto Fleece pub in Penwortham and Black Bull at Longton where local landlord and ‘89r leaver Neil Thompson is landlord.

There is a Facebook page called ‘Priory 89 leavers’ for anyone who wants more information.  https://www.facebook.com/Priory-89-Leavers-Reunion-Group-298616504146113/.

Former pupils may also contact Priory’s alumni administrator, Mrs Yates, to be put in touch wfith Tom. Email  j.yates@priory.lancs.sch.uk

Image left:  Tom, Anita and Emma trawling through the Priory archives earlier this year in preparation for their reunion.