17 July 2019

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Long-held records tumbled at this year's Sports Day.

It was another hot day for it. Both pupils and staff donned their team colours and stretched out the banners to cheer their houses through the day’s track and field events.  Excellent team spirit accompanied the lively atmosphere on one of the most looked forward to events of the year.

Mr Hardcastle and Mr Taylor were on the microphones directing order, presenting certificates and generally keeping everyone going whilst a crack team of timekeepers, referees, recorders and photographers worked behind the scenes to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

The whole school was out on the field; pupils from Years 7 - 10 competed in track and field events with teachers getting involved in the 4 x 100m relays.  Calder come out on top overall.  Well done to Mrs Eastham’s House!

School records were broken across a number of track and field events:

Year 7 Girls 300m
E Hiscock (2013)
Year 7 Girls Javelin
S Harrison (2015)
Year 7 Boys 800m 
A Wilkes (2003)

Year 8 Boys 200m 
S Cowell (2004)
Year 8 Boys 800m
S Cowell (2002)
Year 8 Boys Javelin
S Cowell (2006)
Year 8 Boys Shot
W Jones (2002)
Year 8 Boys Discus
L McAulay (2006)

Year 9 Boys 800m
D MacPherson (2003)
Year 9 Boys Discus
M Catterall (2013)

The year in brackets indicates the date of fallen record.