26 September 2019

On Wednesday we launched our sponsored walk campaign which will raise money for the development of a legacy garden to add to our outstanding open space environment.

The monies raised from the sponsored 6KM Penwortham route aim to provide us all with the best working environment and leave a legacy for the next generation of pupils coming to Priory. 

This is the school’s fifth big fundraiser across 25 years.  We are hoping to have the same fantastic response as we did four years ago when we raised enough to purchase a minibus.

Following an assembly this week, pupils were given their unique named and numbered sponsor sheet. Pupils should collect sponsors and have their forms back in school by Thurs, 3 October so that we have time to verify who is walking as a sponsored pupil.  All pupils are walking. Pupils who have lost their form can go to the school office to collect a replacement.

Here’s what we are doing:

The walk day is Tues, 8 October, weather permitting (a reserved date will be published if necessary).

Pupils will walk with their form groups, progress leader and two prefects.  The remainder of the Year 11 will walk in their own forms. Everyone will walk along pathways with directional arrows. There will be two registration points along the route.

Pupils may wear their own appropriate clothing and sensible trainers or walking boots.  They must also have a refillable drink bottle.

There will be awards for individuals and forms who have raised the most - your name could be added to a plaque on the legacy wall or tree!

We want every area of the school to be useful, calm and beautiful.  We would like our pupils to have a say in how it will look and be used, and together we will create outdoor areas that can be used, by everyone, all year round.

Organiser and Geography teacher, Mr Watters, said, 

“We are really looking forward to the whole school and staff walking together. We will walk from school along Liverpool Road to Howick Cross, down to the Ribble pathway, across to the back of the golf course and then work our way back to school.”

“If there are any companies or parents who feel they could donate building materials or skills when we come to complete the building of the open-air legacy area please do get in contact with me at a.watters@priory.lancs.sch.uk.

“Thank you so much for your kind support. Fingers crossed we have a great walk in lovely weather!”