4 October 2019

Due to the recent torrential rainfall and an inclement weather forecast we have unfortunately taken the decision to postpone the sponsored walk from the date planned next Tuesday. 

The walk will still take place and we will make a decision of the new date by observing the forecast. We will aim to let all parties know of the rescheduled date at least three days in advance.

The focus therefore, at this point in time, remains on the continued fundraising.  Due to the postponement, sponsor forms should be returned by Thurs, 10 October.

We are raising money for the development of a legacy garden to add to our outstanding open space environment.  The monies raised from the 6km Penwortham walk aim to provide us all with the best working environment and leave a legacy for the next generation of pupils coming to Priory. 

We are hoping to have the same fantastic response as we did four years ago when we raised enough to purchase a minibus.

Frequently Asked Questions...Q&A with Mr Watters

  • On the day, pupils should wear appropriate clothing for the walk (see below).  They will remain in these clothes through the rest of the day; pupils do not need to bring their uniform to change into after.
  • Replacement or additional forms can be collected from the school office.
  • Whilst we are encouraging pupils to raise as much as they can, we understand that not all families are in a position to do this. Children will not be given a detention or likewise for lack of fundraising effort.
  • There have been several pupils who have asked if they can RUN the sponsored walk. The answer is YES. Mr Eastham and Mr Graham have agreed to join those running.  We need to know if pupils are intending to do this prior to the sponsorship day.  Pupils must see Mr Watters to register their interest as soon as possible.
  • Pupils should return sponsor forms to their form tutor next Thurs, 10 October. We will then have a few days to sort out any pupils who have forgotten their forms. Sponsor forms will be returned to pupils after they have completed the walk so that they can collect the pledged money.  Money will need to be returned to school within 7 days of the walk.
  • So, sponsor money is to be collected after the walk has taken place.

What to wear? Pupils can wear their own suitable clothing.  The sponsored walk will eventually go through some fairly boggy path so trainers with a good grip would be best, with a spare pair of shoes to wear in school after.  A good waterproof will be essential. 

What else will they need? Pupils will need a refillable water bottle to fill prior to and after the walk to remain hydrated. We are also asked through risk assessments to ensure pupils wear sun block.  Bringing a couple of biscuits/snacks would be a good idea as the dining room will not be open until an early lunch once all pupils are back.

Any further enquiries can be forwarded to organiser and geography teacher, Mr Watters a.watters@priory.lancs.sch.uk.