28 October 2019

Priory’s Head of English, Mrs Gidden, has been really impressed with many of our multi-talented pupils and wanted to highlight their love of reading while excelling at other pursuits.

This week we interviewed Year 7 pupil, Angel.

Angel doesn’t have just one book on the go - she can have two or three!  The Year 7 pupil admits she has her nose in a number of books.

“I can’t remember what I am reading as I am reading a few books,” said Angel. “I get a couple of chapters in a book and then I start another one but I always finish every one! I don’t get muddled up, it just works for me.”

Angel’s favourite authors are David Walliams and Jacqueline Wilson.

“I chose David Walliams because he is funny, his books make me laugh.

“Jacqueline Wilson has written books about Tracy Beaker and Hetty Feather. She is funny too, she writes good jokes in her stories.

“I do like comedy best.”

Angel’s other hobby is football.

“I have just got into the school team and I play in defence or midfield. Football is my favourite sport and I am a Liverpool fan.”