5 November 2019

Year 8 pupil Connie may need another operation after being born with a hole in her heart – so she is making sure she raises funds for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.

Connie, along with friend Amba, held a cake sale at school as well as selling items from Alder Hey, such as a giant calculator which Headteacher Mr Eastham bought.

“When I was born, I left hospital and everything was ok,” said Connie. “However it was my auntie who spotted I wasn’t breathing correctly when I was around six months old.  I went to Alder Hey and was found to have two holes in my heart. They operated and it was a success. However I have been having regular check-ups and have been told recently I may need another operation.

“Having this hasn’t stopped my life. I love horse riding at Eccleston Equestrian Centre although I do think I get a bit of slack in PE if I am struggling to do something!

“Knowing I may have to go back, I decided to fundraise and raise awareness for Alder Hey.

“Amba likes cooking so she baked a cake and we made biscuits and brownies.

“It was well-received and we also sold Alder Hey items; Mr Eastham bought a big calculator as his son was born with a heart condition. We raised £85 in total.

“I want to do more things to raise funds, like a Tough Mudder or something.”

Learning Manager Mrs Nayler said: “The girls came to me with their idea to raise funds but, to be honest, they did it all themselves. They asked Mr Eastham permission to use the LEAP room to sell their cakes and I just supervised it all.”