6 March 2020

Head of Learning for Life, Mrs Hopes, has attended an Alcohol Education Trust workshop to look at, and implement, newly developed teaching resources focusing on alcohol and its impact. The intention is to use these interactive lessons in Year 9 and Year 10 Learning for Life Days, in the forth coming year. 

Mrs Hopes said, 

"The sessions involve no actual alcohol, but lots of puzzle-type activities, videos and discussions around the law, alcohol unit measures, the impact on the body and mind, and the consequences of drinking too much alcohol. 

"It was encouraging to hear that in the UK, drinking alcohol in Years 10 and 11 is still not 'the norm' for the vast majority of teenagers and that the number of teenagers suffering as a consequence of drinking has declined in recent years.  

"It was interesting to hear how some of the puzzles regarding alcohol use had actually been tested with adults too and how many have learnt they need to change their relationship with alcohol. I was surprised to hear that some adults at weddings or after-work parties on a Saturday, drink for up to 11 hours and therefore, should not be driving to work on a Monday!"
Image: Mrs Hopes is pictured fourth from left, with other course delegates.