7 May 2020

in the night sky?

If any Year 11 pupils are thinking of studying A-Level Science, there are some interesting links for you to have a look at. 

Biology – 
This is an interesting watch.  Lots of information on cells and particularly viruses!

Physics – 
Follow the link to be part of a Physics department's Journal Club, and a weekly discussion of scientific papers.

Chemistry – 
A useful introduction to starting A-Level Chemistry.

Now to younger members of the school:  

Our Year 7 pupils have been getting very creative with the science work they have been completing at home.  Some excellent models and experiments are being carried out.  Take a look at these sent in  from Lucy B H7, India P H7, Grace McG H6, Mahir D R2.

Mrs Massey
Assistant Head of Science

Lucy's Chromatography | Grace's model plant cell  | India's particle model and model power station | Mahir D's evaporation.

Science Work