8 May 2020

H7 form tutor, Mr Watters, has been in regular contact with his pupils (as have all teachers) and discovered that they have been up to some amazing things beyond their academic studies.

Year 7 pupil, India P, is a whizz with wood and has created some amazing craft in her dad's workshop - chopping boards and tea light holders - and then had time to perfect her Food Tech skills by baking flap jacks and chocolate cornflake cakes.  

Year 8, Fatima H, has been playing Monopoly and Speak Out with her siblings as well as baking fun cakes and desserts including a very professional-looking Lotus Biscofff cake (Mr Watters has asked her to freeze a decent sized slice!). She also made brownies but they were snapped up before she could take a picture! 

Meanwhile, last Thursday, Year 8 Dylan P put on his cadet uniform as a tribute to Captain Tom on his 100th birthday and stepped out of his front door to clap for the NHS.

It seems Mr Watters' talent remains with the Geography department though as he told us, "I baked a cake which was an epic fail however the birds in the garden loved it. Hopefully these photos will inspire others to take up hobbies."