25 June 2020

“A budding success”

A truly exceptional week of entries with some really difficult decisions.  With the sun shining, and the clear blue skies, the floral entries came flooding in.  It’s been a real pleasure to look at some of the beautiful photos on offer and hear some of the stories of where these have been taken and who has been tending to them.  From petit daisies to foxgloves to classic roses – the decisions were not easy.  So, without further ado, your winning entries this week belong to:

Abi J (Year 10) – Lilac Daisy

Lucy S (Year 11) – Misty Flowers

Maya P (Year 8) – Trumpet Calla Lily

I had to include this one from Freddie S.  Although not selected as a winning entry, I am a fan of dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed the backstory.  Thanks Freddie.

Hi sir!

I call this one “Flowers on my Mind”

It’s a metaphor for how animals are 100% against Daisy Chains as they remind them of the chains of dead end office work, and the fact that animals’ paws are too big to use phones, keyboards and other office equipment.

Hope you are well Mr Metcalfe,


A cheeky entry too from Mrs Cowell – Peonies. Thank you.

The theme next week (Week 11) is: TECHNOLOGY


Mr Metcalfe

Head of Humanities


To enter: Email your photos from your school email address to Mr Metcalfe at p.metcalfe@priory.lancs.sch.uk. Entry closes each week at 12 noon on Thursday with the winner announced on Friday.   See poster for full details.


Good luck.


Week 10 winning entries